Boyd Plaza Renovation, Columbia Museum of Art / by Mike Clonts

The Fountain Division of W.P. Law Inc, is excited to say that the Boyd Plaza at the Columbia Museum of Art is now open to the public. We were selected to make changes to Boyd Plaza for the original creation of the Keenan Fountain which included the “Apollo’s Cascade” Sculpture. To now be selected to rework it with total redesign and direction for the space was especially rewarding. The Boyd Foundation was generous to also fund a deep cleaning and polishing of “Apollo’s Cascade”. It was much needed as it made the sculpture look new along with the renovations.

The total redesign of the Gressette Fountain ties it into the new plaza with much more meaning and interest than the old one. It was a tough project with the weather conditions and a lot of hard work from a great group of designers, general contractors, and subcontractors. With all being local it added more pride and ownership into the project.

Take the time to stop by and see all the new features and how pedestrian friendly this renovation turned out.